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American Fyre Designs Eclipse Fire Urn

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American Fyre Designs Eclipse Fire Urn

The American Fyre Designs Eclipse Contemporary Fire Urn adds warmth and modern styling to your outdoor living space. Made from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), contemporary urns come in a variety of heavy texture finishes.
Choose from natural gas or propane.

These urns are made with an optional removable door to accommodate a 5 gallon propane tank inside (not included).

Product Features

  • Model Shown:
    • 520-SM-11-M2xC (with tank door)
    • 520-SM-11-M2NC (without tank door)
  • Color: Smoke [SM]
  • Dimensions: 23″ diameter x 37 1/2″ h
  • BTU Rating: 60,000 (NG) / 60,000 (LP)
  • Burner: 12″ Stainless steel star
  • Weight: 179Lbs.

American Fyre Designs Eclipse Urn with Access Door provides a high end gas fire feature that will add a unique accent to your patio area. This unit features a glass fiber reinforced concrete construction to ensure a long lasting and durable product that's sure to endure the outdoors while the simple match lit ignition offers a reliable ignition system. Equipped with a 16" star burner rated for up to 60,000 BTU, the Eclipse Fire Urn shines bright and provides a wonderful flame to create a contemporary impression.

Feature HIghlights

  • Reinforced Concrete - Custom glass fiber reinforced concrete provides a lightweight and durable product
  • Star Burner - Unique burner is rated for 60,000 BTU to provide a bright flame
  • Contemporary Urn - Sleek and smooth design with an angled top for a modern appearance
  • Access Door - Removable access door accommodates a 5 gallon propane tank (not included)
  • Match Lit - Dependable match lit ignition for years of enjoyment

To complete your Eclipse Fire Urn, choose from (3) Heavy Texture Finish color options and select from a variety of fire glass and lava rock options in order to perfectly match your patio decór. Finally, select either propane or natural gas to suite your needs. This fire urn features an access door that opens to accommodate a 5 gallon propane tank (not included). American Fyre Designs hand crafts each fire feature to order, tailored to your specifications in order to produce a unique product that is sure to be the focus of your patio area--perfect to bring friends and family close for years of enjoyment.

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