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BluePower IP6048 6,000W 48V Hybrid Solar Inverter (AC Coupled IP65)

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  • Solar Inverter: 6KW DC 48V Split Phase Solar Inverter 120V/240V, DUAL 600V 7500w MPPT solar charger and 120A AC Charger UL 1741 and IEEE 1547 Standard
  • AC Coupled: You can connect the AC output of the grid-tie inverter to this solar inverter AC output, which will convert grid-tied system into a Hybrid (grid-interactive with battery backup) system.
  • Operation Modes: There are three operation modes: Grid-tie with backup, Grid-Tie and Off-Grid system the multifunction can meet a variety of solar systems /off grid system/ grid tie system. Be sure to check with local authority for approval before application for the grid tie system
  • IP65 Waterproof: BluePower IP6048 inverter Using IP65 waterproof streamline design can effectively prevent rainwater on the surface erosion. But in order to extend the product life, pls don’t install the inverter directly exposed to sunlight, wind, rain and snow
  • Parallel Kit: This model supports parallel operation up to 6 units for large system scaling, split phase output 120v/208v/240v for 1/2/4/6 inverters, Parallel kits included are conveniently built-in and ready for plug and play
  • Built-in WIFI Transmitter: Users can download the app from the Apple or Android store, the inverter data is transmitted to the user's mobile phone through Wifi module, and the user can monitor the PV system on the smartphone


  • Model: BluePower IP6048
  • Rated Power: 6000 W

PV Input (DC)

  • Maximum DC Power: 7500 W
  • Nominal DC Voltage: 360 VDC
  • Maximum DC Voltage: 600 VDC
  • Working DC Voltage Range: 120 VDC ~ 550 VDC
  • Start-up Voltage / Initial Feeding Voltage: 125VDC / 160 VDC
  • MPP Voltage Range / Full Load MPP Voltage Range: 120VDC ~ 550 VDC
  • Maximum Input Current: 2*15 A
  • Isc PV (absolute maximum): 21A
  • Max. Inverter back feed current to the array: 0 A

Grid Output (AC)

  • Nominal Output Voltage: 120 VAC (P-N) / 208 VAC (P-P)/ 240 VAC (P-P)
  • Output Voltage Range: 105.5 - 132 VAC per phase
  • Output Frequency Range: 47.5 ~ 51.5 Hz or 59.3 ~ 60.5Hz
  • Nominal Output Current: 25A per phase
  • Inrush Current/Duration: 30 A per phase / 20ms
  • Maximum Output Fault Current/Duration: 81 A per phase / 1ms
  • Maximum Output Overcurrent Protection: 81 A per phase
  • Power Factor Range: 0.9 lead - 0.9 lag

AC Input

  • AC Start-up Voltage: 85 VAC per phase
  • Auto Restart Voltage: 90 VAC per phase
  • Acceptable Input Voltage Range: 85 - 140 VAC per phase
  • Nominal Frequency: 50Hz / 60 Hz
  • AC Input Power: 6000VA/6000W
  • Maximum AC Input Current: 40 A
  • Inrush Input Current: 40 A/ 1ms