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Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit - 6,000W 120/240 Output 48V + [9.6kWh-19.2kWh Battery Bank] + 12 x 390W Solar Panels | Off-Grid, Mobile, Backup [CSK-PRO]

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- 8 x Batteries & 1 x 6KW SunGold Inverter 120/240V Output - ?

OGK-1 NEW PARTS LIST (As of July 22, 2022):

12 x 370W Panels = 6S1P per inverter
Ships from USA!
2 x 6548 Inverter
1 x Parallel Kit
12 x 370W Aptos Solar panels 
12 x z-brackets
2 x 1P DC Disconnect Switch (DC1200V32A)
2 x 200A Inline Fuse Kit (ANL-HF-200-2)
2 x 15A Inline Fuse MC4 Compatible (SOC-PVFU-15)
2 x 250A Bus Bar Set (5/16” lugs)
2 x 50ft, 10AWG, PV Extension Cables, SET
2 x 10ft, 10AWG, PV Extension Cables SET
2 x 3ft, 2/0AWG, Cables, Lug5/16" - Lug5/16", SET -- Inverter Cables
2 x 1ft, 2/0AWG, Cables, Lug5/16” - Lug5/16”, RED -- Jumper Cables from Inverter to Inline Fuse Kit
1 x 4/0AWG Battery Cable 1ft Lugs (5/16)-Lugs (5/16) (Black & Red) -- Parallel Cable for Bus Bar (Connecting both positives and negatives with each other)
3 x 4ft, 2/0AWG, Cables, Lug5/16”-Lug5/16”, SET -- Parallel Cables for Battery towards Bus Bar
9 x 1ft, 1/0AWG, Cables, Lug5/16”-Lug5/16”, RED -- Connecting Batteries in Series
Fuse and Fuse Holders
12 x Solar Panel Z-Bracket Sets

OLD OGK-1 PARTS LIST: Discontinued on July 22, 2022

  • Ships from USA!
  • 12 x 365 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels (4,380 Watts) - 25-Year Warranty
  • 1 x 12,000 watt pure sine inverter charger 120/240 Split Phase Inverter / Charger - 2-Year Warranty
  • Choice of: 12 x 200ah 12V deep cycle batteries - AGM (5-Year Warranty) or Lithium LiFePO4 (7-Year Warranty)
  • 1 x 100 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • 1 x Solar Panel Combiner Box 6-Strings
  • 1 x PV Quick Disconnect Switch DC
  • 4 x 10AWG, Solar Extension Cables PV, approx. 10ft, SET
  • 1 x 8AWG, Solar Extension Cables PV, approx. 50ft, SET
  • 1 x 8AWG, Solar Extension Cables PV, approx. 10ft, SET
  • 1 x 4AWG, Battery cables, approx. 3ft, SET
  • 1 x 4AWG, Battery cables, approx. 1ft, RED
  • 2 x 4/0AWG Inverter Cable, approx. 2ft, SET
  • 9 x 1/0AWG Inverter Cable, approx. 1ft, RED
  • 1 x 4/0AWG, Battery cables, approx. 3ft, SET
  • 1 x 4/0AWG, Battery cables, approx. 1ft, RED
  • Fuse and Fuse Holders
  • 12 x Solar Panel Z-Bracket Sets
  • Free System Schematic / Wiring Diagram
  • Lifetime Customer Support! (via phone, email and live chat)

*Please note: You will need your own installation tools along with grounding rods and copper grounding wire as well as solar panel racking if necessary. You will also be responsible for optional components like current surge limiters and additional parts you may want to add. We highly recommend getting professional installation by a certified solar installer and/or master electrician and should plan on potential costs associated with this as well.

OGK-1 Features & Benefits:

  • Choose the best battery bank for your needs and if you already have solar panels, select the solar panel option!
  • Easy to setup, connect and use - Includes wiring schematic.
  • Everything you need for a off-grid or backup solar system
  • Works with devices up to 12,000 watts / 100 AC amps at 120VAC or 50 amps at 240 VAC
  • Ideal for large appliances, tools, pumps, compressors, AC units, freezer, refrigerators, heaters and electronics
  • Ideal for large homes or businesses that need 120 and 240 VAC power
  • Professional wiring diagram/schematic included with your order
  • The solar panel array will recharge a 50% depleted 600 amp battery bank in  5 hours with full sunlight.
  • Battery Bank = 12 x 200ah AGM batteries and 600 amps of usable battery.

The 4,320 watt of solar panels (12 x 365W) will keep a charge on the batteries all day long using sunlight and will recharge the batteries at 50% depletion in approximately 5 hours in full sun. Your 100 amp charger controller will protect the batteries from overcharging and give you the ability to expand your solar array in the future.

What Can This Kit Actually Power? 

OGK-1 is our biggest off grid kit and comes standard with 12 x 200ah AGM batteries giving you 1,200ah of useable battery capacity. This equates to rough 14.4kWh of useable battery bank on top of the 4,320 watts of solar panels that will be generating an additional 4.3kw of power per hour while the sun is shining. 

If we assume there's roughly 6 good sun hours in most states, the solar panels will produce around 25.8kw of power each day (or 774kw/month). The following calculations give you an idea of how long some standard appliances could run on a single charge of your battery bank. 

We really only need 18-20+ hours of battery bank in order to get us through the night and to when the sun comes back up the next day, so anything over and above this would be considered backup for cloudy days.

OGK-1 is perfect for large off-grid homes, home backup, or as a larger RV system / mobile business applications.

*You can upgrade the battery bank to give you more storage and run times. The 206ah Lithium option will essentially double the size of your battery bank.