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Humless IP65 5kWh Battery With 6kW Universal Inverter

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Humless IP65 5kWh Battery With 6kW Universal Inverter


NOW SGS NA listed to UL 9540 and ETL listed to UL 1741!

New, very exciting, home battery backup for grid-tied or off-grid living.

The 6kW Universal Inverter is our very exciting grid tied or off-grid inverter in the Universal series. The 6kW Universal Inverter can be installed without batteries as a grid-tied net-metering inverter. All components are included and built-in for adding batteries (stored energy) at any time in the future.

Another popular option is to get the IP65 Battery 6kW Universal as a package. This system features 15kWh’s of lithium battery storage, 6kW premium inverter, remote monitoring, and is stackable. This system can be enlarged later into a bigger energy storage system at a later date. At 15 kWh, the IP65 Battery 6kW Universal can protect the average residential home’s priority loads at utility/grid failure.

If paired with solar and/or a generator, the hybrid solar system will store and provide a nearly endless power supply providing energy and family security. The 6kW Universal inverter can have up to 7.5kW of PV solar power into its dual MPPT solar chargers. Also integrated, is a 240V generator input with a 2-wire auto start feature.


Inverter Specs

  • 6kW Universal multifunctional inverter works as a grid-tied string inverter without batteries or as a battery based inverter with batteries (hybrid)
  • Built-in AC coupled function for PV solar inverters
  • 6,000 W continuous output power, pure sine wave inverter 120/240Vac
  • Built-in WiFi for mobile monitoring (App is available)
  • Built-in alternative port for generator with two wire auto start
  • Includes CT sensor to guarantee 100% self-consumption
  • Accepts second input power source, generator input compatible
  • User-adjustable charging current and voltage
  • Parallel operation up to 6 units
  • UL 1741 – Inverters, Controllers and Interconnection System

Equipment for use with Distributed Energy Resources

Advantages of Lithium-Iron Batteries:

Lithium itself is not toxic, and it does not bio-accumulate like lead or other heavy metals. But most lithium battery chemistries use oxides of nickel, cobalt, or manganese in their electrodes. Estimates suggest it takes 50% more energy to produce these materials compared to the electrodes in lithium iron phosphate batteries.

A 2013 report by the EPA revealed Li-based batteries based on nickel or cobalt have the highest environmental impact including resource depletion, ecological toxicity, and human health impacts, all almost entirely due to the production and processing of nickel and cobalt.

Lithium-iron batteries are sealed with no off gassing and require no maintenance.

LiFeP04 batteries, by contrast, have big advantages over other lithium chemistries:

They use no rare earths or toxic metals and employ commonly available materials including copper, iron, and graphite; Less energy is consumed in mining and processing of materials; Phosphate salts are also less soluble than metal oxides, so they are less likely to leach into the environment if the battery is improperly discarded; and LiFePO4 batteries are chemically stable against combustion and rupture under nearly all operating and storage conditions. Take a step into the right direction by pairing your solar system with one of the safest and highest-cycle battery chemistry yet!





Lithium-Iron (LFP) - 20 kwh




6k Inverter stackable up to 6 units (up to 36 kW of output)


600 lbs


6000 W (Surges to 12,000 W)


6k Inverter can be installed as a grid tied inverter with or without batteries


SGS NA listed to UL 9540 and ETL listed to UL 1741

(2) MPPT'S

PV solar arrays up to 7.5k